Roy Charles

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The huge hit of the night was Roy Charles.
This one man conjuring calamity is bound to remind many of Tommy Cooper. He even had the natural grace of the great man.

In all honesty he didn't remind me totally of anyone, Which really has to be his biggest selling point.

Roy Charles is the most convincing new comedy act that it has been my good fortune to witness in the last two years.

Mark Ritchie
The Stage and Television Today

There will never be another Tommy Cooper, but just occasionally one comes across a comic who has that same spark. Without doubt Roy Charles is one of the most exciting and original finds in comedy in recent years. He grabbed the audience from the minute he stepped onto stage and caused consistent laughter, reminiscent of Tommy.

Christopher Day
The Stage and Television Today

The show lit up for me when Roy Charles took to the stage. He reminded me of a modern day Tommy Cooper, with his excellent original one liners and crazy props, this naturally funny character has a style all of his own. He was an instant hit with the audience from the offset, and held their attention throughout.

Peter Banyon
The Stage and Television Today

Roy has a very natural comedic thread to him, and he knows how to make people laugh. His finale is one of the funniest routines I've ever seen.

The Stage and Television Today

Roy Charles got through a lot of material in his spot,not only did he prove to be a more than competent magical talent. He had the audience in stitches from start to finish, obviously a young man to look out for in the future.

Doug Hibbard
Abra Magazine

Standing at six foot six he's a big man with an even bigger talent.

Austin Brown
The Lakeside Cabaret Venue, Frimley

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